Our Story

Timber Watches: Designed by Nature to Explore, is really much more than just a watch brand. We are built on four strong core values.

Founded in the Netherlands, in the year 2017, Timber Watches guarantees the ultimate Dutch experience. Durable, strong, classy and premium, our watches are built to make a difference in people’s lives today and in the future.

We make premium wooden watches with contemporary design at an affordable price. Making you look naturally good!

Designed by Nature to Explore: With an aim to provide quality, we are also bound by a sense of duty to give back to nature. And we strongly support Weforest, a charity organisation that understands the importance of trees to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. For every Timber Watch sold, two trees are planted!

We strive to exceed customer expectations and experience and a wider range of collection. Always evolving, always improving, and always delivering the absolute best.

Tim van den Bekerom/ Founder of Timber Watches       


 Founder of Timber Watches