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Orders and Shipping

Yes! We ship all over the world.

–   Within European Union the shipping and return is free.

–   For the rest of the world we charge a fee of € 12

Timber Watches charges 21% sales tax to customers who purchase within the European Union. All customers outside of the Netherlands are not charged for sales tax.

We strive ourselves to on time delivery. Which means, all orders places between sunday 21:00 PM CEST and Friday 2:00 CEST will be shipped within 24 hours. All orders placed from Friday 02:00 Cest and sunday 21:00 CEST will be processed the following Monday.

Of course we can take care of this. Please send us an e-mail with as subject ”extra links”.  We charge € 5 per link.  

Duties and taxes are not included in the price of your watch purchase, unfortunately. We do offer international shipping, we are not able to pay any taxes, duties or fees that may be charged as we are unaware of what these exact costs will be for every country. If you would like to learn about the potential fees in your country, then it is the best to contact your local postal service or customs office.

In the event that any “Unclaimed”, “Refused”, or “Return to Sender” package is shipped back to us due to:

  • failure to sign for it
  • not picking it up at the local post office
  • failure to pay for customs, duties, and taxes
  • refusal to accept the package
  • or any other reasons

You have to send us a message. If you send, we have the following options you can choose between:

  • reshipment of the package (additional shipping charge applies)
  • refund for the order (less any shipping, sizing fee, & customization fees)


With good care, your wooden watch can be worn for years. 

Keep in mind that the biggest enemy of your wooden watch are:

– Big changes in temperature

– Big changes in humidity

By example: If you leave your watch in the car on a very hot/cold day the wood can swell or shrink with a big risk it cracks or breaks at certain points. Same thing for is also applicable for humidity. Too less or too much will shrink or swell the wood, with the same risks. 

So keep in mind, when not wearing, your watch is not effected by these envorimental elements.

Beside taking care of above tips, you can maintain your wood watch with tung oil/lemon oil or olive oil. This will keep the watch properly conditioned. 

Take a soft cloth or swab and sweep carefully over the surface of the wood. This will clean and protect your watch.

In order to have your watch sized, you can choose:


  1. Do it yourself. It is easy to do it, with 2 small screwdrivers. Take a look here for an instructional video: LINK SOON AVAILABLE
  2. Take your watch, to a jeweler or watch repair shop and let them size it for you.

Due to the use of wood, the Timber Watches are splash proof. What means, you can wear them outside when it rains, take them to gym or a day at the beach ( but don’t swim with the watch).

Returns, Repairs and Warranty

Each watch has two years of warranty from the moment of order.

To maintain this warranty the timepiece must be used normally. Abuse, mechanical damage, alterations or scratches due to abnormal use are not covered. Also the life of battery is out of the warranty.

If the watch is damaged due to normal use, please send us an email to with the subject ”WARRANTY”. Within in the e-mail, please subscribe the issue as best as possible and attach some clear photos of the issue. 

If the watch was damaged due to abnormal use we will repair the timepiece for a nominal fee. We will inform you about this repairfee.

Within Europe:

You have 14 days to send the unused watch back. This means, with plastic foil on glass and plastic under crown. Send us a message to with in the subject: RETURNS/ ORDERNUMBER #xxxx. In the attachment, please show the receipt of the shipping fee ( which has a date). And we will refund the return shipping fee, once we received the watch back. 

Outside Europe:

You can ship your product back to us, on own cost. 

For exchange please send us a message on info@timberwatches and we will take care we can arrange and take care of possible payment or receiving from payment, due to different prices. For outside Europe we will ship the new product out for free.

We strongly recommend to go to a nearby jeweler or watch maker shop and let them replace the battery.

Of course that is possible. Please send us a message on with the subject ‘ REPAIR’. Please attach clear photos and a good description of the issue. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible with information about the repairfee and timeline of repairing the watch.

Free Shipping & RETURNS

24 Months warranty on all products

Two trees planted for every watch sold

100% Safe & secure checkout